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What Do Our Services Include?

Eyelash extensions


Brow Lamintation

Gel Nails Sculpting /Tips

Acrylic / Solar Powder

Shellac / Gel Polish

Spa Pedicures / Manicure




----Gel Polish application: 30

----Gel Polish change: 38


---Shellac/Gel Polish Manicure:  45 

                                 (including taking off the old shellac/gel polish & dry mini manicure)

---Shellac/ Gel Polish removal: 12

                                 (We wrap your gel polish with Nail polish remover NOT acetone, Not using                                      the drill to drill them off.)                                                                                                                        

---Regular Manicure: 30 (Cut, file & buff and a nice massage follow with nail polish color)


---Signature Manicure: 40 (sea salt massage or hot paraffin wax treatment & color)                                                                                                    

---Nail polish change:  15 (hands)

---Toe Nails Polish change : 18 (feet)

               ARTIFICIAL NAILS 

- UV GEL NEW SET:   70

- UV GEL FILL:              60
            SCULPTED ( NOT using Tips):   10+ extra
            We do all types of Nail Art:           5.00 & up
            Chrome powder, French, Ombre : 5 - 15 extra
-ACRYLIC /SOLAR FILL :--------------------------50


We specialize in UV Liquid Gel, with is a much better product than traditional nail powder. It is healthier and cleaner than powder, it will not turn your nails yellow, no primer is needed, and best of all, there are no harmful chemicals! However, we offer a full service range for nail design and extensions:


   -Permanent French and Color on Toes - Lasts between from 4 – 8 weeks

  • Tips

  • Best Selection of Permanent Color Gels

  • Nail Art and Design - Free hand Design on Tips and Color Tips

  • Artificial Nails and Overlay

  • UV Liquid Gels

  • Solar Nails

  • Acrylic Nails

  • Sculptured Nails - To extend length of natural nails (Much More!)

   and Pink and White nails


We are proud to use the highest quality products only, such as:

       Bio Sculpture gel -

      Envouge Sculptured gel system -

       OPI Axxium soak-off gel system -

       Shellac from CND - 


       Dipping Powder


 -------Special Spa Pedi. and Mani: 65 ($10  off!)


---------Polish Change  (on feet): 18


--------Callus Treatment Only (For Heels) - 28


-------Spa Pedicure45. (Includes soak your feet in warm-hot water while you are getting a human touch massage from the spa chair. Follow with cuticle trim, file or cut toenails buff the surface off the nails, and with an effective callus treatment, relaxing skin buff, finally a soothing foot massage.

-- 10 Minutes extra massage: 15


------Spa Pedicure with Shellac65

-------Shellac change without Pedicure: 40

-----Gel polish on toes: 30

-----Gel polish removal: 12


-------Hot paraffin wax: 10




                              Special: $85 (regular $115)
         Brow Lamination with Threading & Tinting combo 
  • -UPPER LIP THREADING :-------------------------- 12
  • -FULL FACE THREADING / WAXING:--------48 (including eyebrows)
  • -BRAZILIAN-----------------------------------50+


  • -BIKINI:-----------------------------------------35


  • -UNDER ARM:--------------------------------18


  • -FULL LEG:------------------------------------58+


  • -Upper Leg------------------------------------38+


  • -Lower Leg------------------------------------30+


  • Full body wax please call for prices.

               What is threading?

 It’s an effective technique to clean the facial hair from the root without stripping 


layers of the skin.



                  Threading is highly recommended and an excellent option for those                            who uses Retin- A, Accutane, or have sensitive skin. 


             Benefits: *Last longer than waxing 3-4 weeks

                            *More accurate than wax & tweezing

                            *Will not harm the skin

                            *Skin does not lose any of it elasticity

                            *No chemicals are used for the process




              Eyelash Tinting -----------------------------------$25.00

              Brow Tint -------------------------------------------$18.00


     Semi permanent lashes
  • Great for special occasions & regular daily use

  • Water resistant & shower, swim worry free

  • Come in different lengths, thickness & curls

  • A very relaxing procedure

  • Refill recommended every 2- 4 week



With the technique we use, you won't feel the weight on your natural eyelashes as they are very comfortable.

                       - Classic /2D New set ------110 

                       - Classic/2D Fill--------------  75


                       - 3D New set-------120

                       - 3D Fill-------------- 80



               - Dramatic Volume New Set ----  140   (from 4D & up)

               - Dramatic Volume fill---------------85  (from 4D & up)


                       Regular price for Dramatic Volume set: $190

                   $50.00 off for Dramatic Volume new set ONLY.



Please Note: New set for new clients. I don't do a fill on someone else's work.

                       Using Silk, Mink Lashes, very Light Weight Lashes



     we only use and carry high end Skin care,
     Treatment products, From Japan


        European facial-----------------------70

Skin analysis, clean the skin, steam with O2 steamer, exfoliate, facial mask (is target to your skin type), massage, pressure points, following with toner & lotion (depends on your skin type)


        Deep Cleansing European facial-------78

Same as reg. European facial PLUS extraction, clean black heads & white heads facial mask 10-15 minutes. Massage, pressure points (to both relax you and stimulate your skin & facial muscles) and following with toner & lotion.


What is a Facial?


      A facial is a great way to take care of your skin. The esthetcians will find out and tell you what type of skin you have and what treatments should you need for your skin type (most of the time individuals don’t use the right treatments for their skin type). Facial massage that relaxes you, stimulates your skin & facial muscles, as well as cleaning your skin. You may need to clear up a case of acne, especially at the beginning.

        How often?

It’s varies from each person, recommended every 4-6 weeks, because that’s how long it takes the skin to regenerate.

Try at least 4 times a year as the season changes.
                                 YOU CAN OVER-DO IT!

---Diamond Microdermabrasion and Ultrasound therapy treatment

              $65.00 / treatment  (regular price)  

              $10.00 off (when you get a facial done at the same time)

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